Boys Soccer

The Gators and Owls tied on Thursday, October 19th.  Owls coach said many good things about the Gators.  Josh Mealy had 19 saves against Bradford.  The teams went into two over times, each scoring nothing.


The Gators lost against Saint Marys on  October 4th, 5-2.  Payton Caden and Jordan Card both scored a goal.  Josh Mealy had 13 saves in goal.  This leaves the Gators with a record of 11-3, 7-2 UAVSL.


Port Allegany won against Smethport,10-0.  Payton Caden tied the school record with 6 goals.  He scored 4 in the first half and 2 in the second.  Shawn McNeil added two, David Talkington and Simon Burleson each scored one too.


Payton Caden added 4 points to the score of 8-0, winning against Kane on September 21st.  Also with the 4 other goals, Bryce Baker, Simon Burelson, Tyler Lashway and Jesse Wright each scored one.


Gators won the game with only 7 minutes left against Coudy, on September 19th.  For the first half and part of the second, the Falcons were winning.  With seven minutes left, the Gators scored 3 goals.  Payton Caden, Javon Stiles, and Shawn McNeil made the goals.  Josh Mealy made eight saves.


On Saturday, September 16th, the Gators lost to Saint Marys, 3-0.  “We were in the game for a long time.” Aaron Clark said.  “Saint Marys got a penalty kick halfway through the second and Schneider made it easy. Thats when we lost the game. Then we started pushing up numbers, we couldnt get any pressure. We didnt have our best effort.” Josh Mealy made eight saves for the Gators.


The Gators shut out Smethport, on September 14.  Howie Stukey and Payton Caden each had a hat trick.  Simon Burelson, Josh Mealy, Josh Conklin, and Uriel Biondi each added goals for the gators.  Josh Mealy and Seth Bowers each had two saves.  The Gators had a lead of 5-0 at halftime.


Port was able to out score Elk County Catholic on September 12th, with a score of 2-1.  Tyler Lashway and Payton Caden scored the goals for the Gators that night, giving them the win.  “It was a hard fought game.” Gators Coach Aaron Clark said. “Any game with them is physical.” Josh Mealy made some nice saves, adding up to 7.  Now the Gators record is 4-1.


Port Allegany Gators won against Kane, 6-1 on September 7th.  Payton Caden got a hat trick for Port, while Howie Stukey, David Talkington, and Bryce Baker each added a goal.  Josh Mealy and Seth Bowers combined for two saves. “We had a hard time finding the back of the net today.” Aaron Clark said about the game.


In Ridgway, on September 5th, Payton Caden scored twice to win the game 4-1.  “Ridgway played really up for us and we have to anticipate everyone to play up for us.” Aaron Clark said about the game.  Howie Stukey and Javon Stiles added second-half goals for the Gators.  Tyler Lashway was credited with two assists, while Cadne and Stukey also had one,


Tyler Lashway’s two corner kicks led to the score of 2-0 against Allegany on Friday, September 1st.  The corner kick went straight to David Talkington who kicked it into the net with 5 minutes left in the first half.  With the last 10 minutes left in the second half, Lashway again kicked the corner, and Howie Stukey found a hole and put the ball in.  Josh Mealy came up with 5 saves.