Boys Basketball

On February 23rd, 2017, the boys lost to North Clarion 65-48.  Howie Stuckey led Port Allegany with 22 points.  Howie Stuckey had 6 threes, David Talkington had 1 three, and Mackenzie Elliot had 1 three.  Port finishes with a total of 15 fouls.



Port Boys won against Smethport 58-49 on February 13,2017.  Brandon McCaslin led the team with 19 points and Howie Stuckey added 17 points and Jordan Bell had 10.  Port had 14  fouls and a total of seven 3-pointers made by David Talkington, Tyler Lashway, and Howie Stuckey.


Port Boys lost against Emporium 66-60.  Howie Stuckey had a game high of 27 points on six threes.  Brandon McCaslin has 17 points, David Talkington had 10 points, and Jordan Bell had 6 points.

Port Boys lost against Shinglehouse 62-60 on February 2, 2017.  Jordan Bell fouled out and Brandon McCaslin had 20 points.  Talkington and Stuckey both had two 3-pointers. Port Allegany had 15 fouls.  Port Allegany won the JV game

Port Boys lost against Otto-Eldred 47-45 on January 31st . Jordan Bell had 11 points and David Talkington had 10 points.  Howie Stuckey scored 14 points and Port had a total of 19 fouls.

Port boys won against Northern Potter 70-42 on January 27th.  Brandon McCaslin scored 29 points and David Talkington had 14 points with Howie Stuckey scoring 11.  Jordan Bell scored 10 points.  Port had a total of 17 fouls.

Port boys got crushed against Coudy on January 23rd. The score was 80-26.  Port had four 3- points and 16 fouls.

Port boys won there 6th game in a row on January 19th.  They won against Smethport 44-40.  Brandon McCaslin, who went 11 for 15 from the line for a total of 18 points.  Howie Stuckey added 11 points and Jordan Bell had 10.

Port boys won against Galeton 54-42 on January 17th.  Brandon McCaslin scored 14 points and Howie Stuckey made fours-pointers.  David Talkington had 9 points and 11 rebounds.

Port boys won against Cameron County 50-35  on January 11th.  Howie Stuckey scored 14 points including four 3-pointers and Brandon McCaslin added  12 points.  David Talkington had a double-double and Port had 9 fouls total.

Port boys won against Oswayo Valley 60-57 on January 9th.  Howie Stuckey scored five 3- pointers and David Talkington added 16 points and 10 rebounds.