Gracie Archer

Rosie Thomas got 25:10 on October 17th,2017. Rosie got 3rd place, with a time of 23:54 at Coudersport, on September 19th.   Rosie Thomas got 23:00 time on September 12th.   Rosie Thomas was the only Gator to get on the top 10.  She made 3rd place with a time […]

Cross Country

The Gators and Owls tied on Thursday, October 19th.  Owls coach said many good things about the Gators.  Josh Mealy had 19 saves against Bradford.  The teams went into two over times, each scoring nothing.   The Gators lost against Saint Marys on  October 4th, 5-2.  Payton Caden and Jordan […]

Boys Soccer

On October 4th, Rylie Lawton and Cailey Barnett scored two points for a loss of 2-3 against Whitesville in a Boliver-Richburg tournament.  Brainna Roys had 9 saves.   Shaylee Caulkins, Leah Garzel, and Brianna Roys each scored in the game against Kane on October 1st to win, 5-0.  Brianna Roys’ […]

Girls Soccer