April 22 The boys got 12th out of 14 with 5 points and the girls got 11 out of 14 with 23 points.   Four-Country Track and Field Best 100 HH Girls: Autumn Buchsenshutz 17.64 Pole Vault Girls: Mauley Fox  9-06 300 IH Boys: Bryce Baker 43.60 Pole Vault Boys: […]

Track and Field 2017

On Friday, April 21st, the Gators lost to Johnsonburg, 10-1. On April 12th, Port took a big loss against Coudy in a 3 inning game. The score was 17-0. The Gators had 2 hits and 6 errors. On April 10th, Port Allegany lost to Cameron County. In a game of […]


On April 21st, 2017, the Gators had a tournament in Bolivar-Richburg.  For the first game the Gators lost to Bolivar-Richburg 8-3.  MaKenzie Burr went 1-for-3 with two RBIs.  In the second game the Gators won against Cuba-Rushford 4-1.  MaKenzie Burr allowed only three hits while striking out three and walking […]

Gator Softball

160-pound junior, Jake Kallenborn, was the only finalist from Port Allegany to advance from PIAA regionals.  He won twice to to earn his title match before dropping a 10-4 decision.  Gators’ third-place rank among the 14 D-9 schools in the 40-team event. Thursday, February 16th, the Hubbers lost to Port […]

Gator Wrestling

On February 23rd, 2017, the boys lost to North Clarion 65-48.  Howie Stuckey led Port Allegany with 22 points.  Howie Stuckey had 6 threes, David Talkington had 1 three, and Mackenzie Elliot had 1 three.  Port finishes with a total of 15 fouls.     Port Boys won against Smethport […]

Boys Basketball

On Tuesday, February 22nd the girls won playoffs against Curwensville 60-46.  Hannah Lathrop had double digit rebound Autumn had 26 points Port Allegany had a total of 14 fouls.     On Wednesday, February 15th, the girls won against Oswayo Valley 59-34.  Autumn Buchsenschutz had 13 points and Cailey Barnett […]

Girl’s Basketball